Exporting Luxury Autos

Exporting luxury vehicles has been building momentum in past years and it's causing quite a disturbance in the auto buying experience, both buyer-side and seller-side. The FBI & CIA have been hard at work cracking down the companies and associated straw buyers contributing to this activity. Here's the process: An automotive exporting company finds luxury auto buyers in other countries, China being one of the most demanding markets.

[In the Chinese market, an S-Class sedan starts at (2,098,000 yuan) $327,375 - In the US Market, an S-Class sedan will typically start at $95,650.  *12/1/2015] 

Then the exporting company will recruit straw buyers to utilize their citizenship and credit to purchase the desired vehicle. Now, they're begining to target senior citizens and those with temporary citizenships (usually students). These straw buyers put their credit on the line, a $10,000 fine and risk a wave of lawsuits from a number of affected parties, just for a $500 - $1000 pay-day - Sometimes never being paid!

Don't be mistaken, when these straw buyers enter the luxury dealership, Product Specialist, Sales Associates and Dealerships are ready to defend themselves from the barrage of penalties that accompany an exported sale. Dealerships that fall victum to exporters have penalties ranging from loss of allocation, a $10,000 fine, and all commissions from exported sale are paid back. If this occurs enough, it can qualify as a breach of contract and the dealership franchise will be closed.

As you can imagine, we understandably have our guard up when potential clients are interested in highly exported vehicles and have lawyers in place, ready to collect for damages. I hope that this information was useful and look forward to earning your business, building a relationship and providing you with a first-class experience over the years.