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09 Jan 2017

Motivational Monday

After a nice relaxing weekend, Mondays can be a tough reality to handle when you’re looking in the mirror getting ready for a long work week. Or walking out to your car in frigid weather, only to dive right into gridlock traffic for the next hour or more. The key is to recognize your value, set small goals, slow down, stay calm and remember you’re not alone in this crazy rat race. As we go through 2017, each Monday I’ll […]

07 Dec 2014

2014 Rochester Hometown Christmas Parade

With citizens from all over Oakland County shoulder to shoulder and warm drinks in hand; anticipation to get a glimpse of Santa Claus was in their eyes. It was a great turnout, and thanks to the sun – the temperature was much more bearable than the year previous. The 63rd Annual Rochester Hometown Christmas Parade was a huge success, featuring some creative floats and entertaining acts from the Adams High School band to the local Fire Department! As I was popping […]