The Car Salesman Manifesto

I’m a car salesman. Working 10-12 hours per day / 6-days per week and having an unstable income, getting home most nights when my family is asleep, eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner alone, the last Saturday I had off was months ago, and I work most holidays. I’m not looking for sympathy, but some empathy would be nice. Like you, I have a family to support and I’d like to just make an honest living.

We are unjustly categorized with lawyers and politicians. Lying is not in my best interest. Not only do I want to sell you this vehicle, I want to sell you your next 5 vehicles. I promise to be 100% courteous, respectful, and prompt in my dealings with you. I treat every potential client as a buyer and don’t judge based on your attire, age, the vehicle you pull up in, or the color of your skin. I’m not the obnoxious textile sport coat wearing, deal wheelin’ shooter (pictured above) that’s trying to pigeonhole you into a vehicle you have no interest in. I pride myself in delivering an exceptional sales experience. I’d never settle for less than what I wanted – so as long it was within my budget, and I wouldn’t expect you to either.

I’ll answer all of your questions and help you understand the math that goes into purchasing your vehicle. I believe transparency is vital when building your trust. The vehicle you choose, your credit, and bank depicts your payment – Not me. It’s not magic, it’s math…Nothing more. Again, I want to sell you your next several vehicles, and offer your friends and family the same great experience. Give me 1% of your trust and let me work to earn the other 99%.

To the Point: The gap between invoice and my price is typically between 4% to 6%. The coffee you’re drinking, the clothes you’re wearing, and the furniture in your home; all have a 300%+ markup. Certainly you asked them for their best deal, right? I don’t overprice my inventory, only to sell you the illusion I can save you thousands! My prices have to be competitive within my local market and if my vehicle costs more than another, I guarantee there’s a good reason for it.

Please don’t stretch your budget, hoping to change the affordability of what you want by means of negotiating pricing discount. You’re only wasting your own time. You don’t like negotiating? We have something in common! Going back and forth to the manager’s office is not my choice – It’s yours. I understand you’re trying to save some money, and you will! Don’t over complicate the process – Answer these simple questions: Have you picked the exact vehicle you want? Have I addressed all of your concerns? Am I the salesman you’d like to turn to when you need help? Is my price fair and within your budget? If you answered Yes to all of these, then let’s get your new car ready!

Otherwise, the sad truth is, if you’re only perception of a “good deal” comes in the form of saving thousands upon thousands of dollars… you’re likely to be going home in the same vehicle you pulled up in and that is extremely disappointing. But… that is simply on you. 

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