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29 Jan 2017

Determine New License Plate Fee

Have you ever wanted to Determine New License Plate Fee in Michigan? Many drivers are curious when shopping for a vehicle they’re adding to the house! This helpful post will give you the tools to do just that! The following links are the exact sames one’s I use on a daily basis: The Plate Fee Calculator: A few things you’ll need to know are – The exact date you plan on getting the vehicle. Is the vehicle Used or New? If […]

21 Aug 2016

The Car Salesman Manifesto

I’m a car salesman. Working 10-12 hours per day / 6-days per week and having an unstable income, getting home most nights when my family is asleep, eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner alone, the last Saturday I had off was months ago, and I work most holidays. I’m not looking for sympathy, but some empathy would be nice. Like you, I have a family to support and I’d like to just make an honest living. We are unjustly categorized with lawyers and […]

25 Feb 2015
2016 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Leasing vs Financing Explained

Unsure whether to lease or finance your next Mercedes-Benz? Explore the differences of Leasing vs Financing Explained below. Lease Finance Balloon Finance An agreement between the lessor and lessee for the use of the vehicle for an agreed upon number of months and miles. Lessee does not own the vehicle. A lease offers flexible terms and variable mileage options. A simple interest retail installment loan for the purchase of the vehicle. A simple interest retail installment loan for the purchase […]