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October 2017

The New Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class

Soon to be debuting in November at the LA Auto Show (click here). Rumors...
October 15, 2017
January 2017

Determine New License Plate Fee

Have you ever wanted to Determine New License Plate Fee in Michigan? Many drivers...
January 29, 2017

Motivational Monday

After a nice relaxing weekend, Mondays can be a tough reality to handle when...
January 9, 2017
August 2016

The Car Salesman Manifesto

I’m a car salesman. Working 10-12 hours per day / 6-days per week and...
August 21, 2016

The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6

Ultimate in luxury: Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6. Study of an ultra-stylish luxury-class coupé. The coupé...
August 21, 2016
June 2016
January 2016

2016 C-Class Changes Explained

We’re onto the second model-year of the All New C-Class redesign and you may...
January 1, 2016
December 2015

Apple CarPlay®

Mercedes-Benz has always strived to provide the latest in technology and convenience. Continuing that...
December 10, 2015
November 2015
2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC300 4Matic

Be the first to own the All New 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC300 4Matic. Available soon...
November 24, 2015
February 2015
2016 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Leasing vs Financing Explained

Unsure whether to lease or finance your next Mercedes-Benz? Explore the differences of Leasing...
February 25, 2015
January 2015

The Mercedes-Benz F 015

It’s rare that you see an actual concept vehicle with such a progressive look...
January 8, 2015
December 2014

2014 Rochester Hometown Christmas Parade

With citizens from all over Oakland County shoulder to shoulder and warm drinks in...
December 7, 2014
November 2014

A New Home Away from Home

…and so the transition begins! Starting the first of next month, I will have...
November 19, 2014